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A romantic piece from Replica Celine Bags history, it’s the perfect gift from your boyfriend/husband or from-you-to-you. Because the Replica Celine Bags Malle fleur is a reinterpretation of an iconic accessory that was exclusively designed for VIP clients. The name Malle Fleur translates to Flower Trunk in French.

The exterior is built like a vintage trunk in Monogram Canvas and gold metallic pieces. It’s also embellished with wooven slats and VVN handles. It’s a gorgeous piece of travel equipment that can be used for eternity as it’s timeless.

Replica Celine Bags

There isn’t much to say about the exterior, but the inside is most important.

The interior is refined in what it’s called the ‘Vuittonite Lining’, which is a patented Vinyl. The metallic tray is water resistant and combined with the Vuittonite lining, it means that flowers, water or soil can be put in the tray without causing any damaging to the trunk. This is also the reason why it’s called the flower trunk in the first place.

The Replica Celine Bags has survived through rain and storm; it has existed since 1930’s and has become one of the house’s iconic, next to the Speedy and Noe Bags.

The Replica Celine Bags reinterpreted, released in the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, we’ve already reviewed this bag extensively, but we want to show you more colors and more options.

The refined style is innovated from the crisscross pattern that lined the Maison’s trunks; it’s named the Malletage leather and is beyond chic. Lithe and soft, the Replica Celine Bags has been reinvented; the timeless style blends a rich heritage and modernization Replica Prada Bags.

Choose red to make a statement, it’s very notable when carried down town. Pick blue as a neutral color and combine it with the best casual outfit in your wardrobe.